Monday, March 16, 2009

projection then reinterpretation

” The Wheel of nature turns in upon itself from without : for God dwells within himself and has such a figure, not that it can be painted, in being only a natural likeness, the same as when God paints himself in the figure of this world ; the outer wheel is the zodiac with the stars, and after it come the seven planets,”

Vom dem dreyfachen Leben, ch. IX

It has occurred to me with my studies and conversations with like minded individuals, that painting is a process of externalizing subsets of information not only for ourselves to “view” , but to also take in information as to the reaction of “others” and the “outside world” to the information we have presented. No one can argue that symbols existed, and can be full of meaning. As some of my other post’s allege, various symbol sets are collective, meaning we share many of the same icons and symbol sets. This process of projection then reinterpretation based on “other” or the “outside world” projections, has to be away of interpreting location with in the internal architecture, and adding to or taking away from, the validity on the information presented.
This is a similar process to how we come about any information. I am able to remember being young and trying to understand how one makes friends, eat, sleep, attracts others , date etc etc. And if you take any of this kind of information and one is honest, there were many failures prior to success. The basic idea is projecting an idea outward and seeing how it worked, if one was unsuccessful the information would then be re-internalized , knocked around a bit then with new information attached re-project it outwards in another attempt. This kind of process would continue till there was some success or we choice to see ourselves as failures, and just simply quit.
This this idea in mind one would be able to go back and see where an artist was, based in their externalization of the given projection. All one would need is an education of collective symbol sets. Adding to this idea , it is my opinion there have been various “artists” that were conscious of this function. So in this regard where able turn the tables. After all one is forced to place lines, even where there are none, or they are only “seemingly” there.
Please understand, that this idea I have, ( if I am right ) is much more then just subliminal projection and interpretation. And after all, ” sometimes I cigar, is just a cigar.”

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