Sunday, October 18, 2009


Last night an extremely good and old friend past away. I must add at this point it was from old age, he was over 13 years old. Me and my wife got him when we first met and where living in Florida, this seems like a lifetime ago, but I vividly remember walking up to the chain link fence he was in and watching up jump up to me and Sarah, we were sold. We had him named before we even pick him up, " Money " , well because he was so Money and didn't even know it.

In anything written about him, one must speak of his ravishing love for my wife's Lasagna and anything and everything having to do with hotdogs. More then anything my old friend love to eat, and eat well he did, you could even see a change in his behavior around Thanksgiving and Christmas , buttering up to the butterball if you will. I should also speak of his love of snow and belly rubs.

He died in the arms of a true friend telling him that he was loved, and he went very quickly.

I will miss you my friend, see you the next round.

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