Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Saltillo MONOCYTE The Lapis Coil

I have wanted to print vinyl for so long I do not even remember when that desire started. I know it might sound very simple, but this is truly a dream come true. I feel a great deal of appreciation toward Artofact records and Storming the Base. They have never printed vinyl, so we all have some nerves about how this will do. Right now you can order it from amazon for $19.84 if you ever want to see/hear more Saltillo on vinyl please go per-order it, if this one does not do well, there will be no more. There are two remixes and a completely new track on this.



the lapis coil

Side A


If Wishes were Catholics ( remix )

The Right of Action ( remix )

Side B


The Locus Priory



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