Sunday, March 13, 2011

18x24 oil on Linen.

This is a commissioned portrait I did using Jessie-Lynne as the model. The client had some pretty great but specific ideas about the painting, I really hope this meets them. Again, sorry for the bad photo will post a better scan when the paint dries.

Also with this painting I am using a medium called " Venetian Medium" from Natural Pigments, it is based off of research that 16th century Venetian painters added leaded powered glass to their paint, and I have to say I really love working with it. The pain of using it, is that you have to wear gloves the whole time as if it gets on your skin you have ground glass and lead to deal with. But when it dries is looks amazing from the light refraction, well worth the trouble. Only real problem that I have with it so far is that it dies and gets tacky a little too fast.

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