Sunday, April 3, 2011

This year is looking ....

So much going on the last few weeks it is hard to Summarize it all.

Got into Spectrum 18 ! We don't know how many images got in, or anything like that yet, but we submitted and we are on the list.

I am floored ! Cant believe I actually got in. Must have been a low number of entries this year or something, but whatever the reason. Thank you so much ! For those of you that do not know what Spectrum is, Spectrum is an annual art book, kinda the best and brightest ( kinda strange that they are putting me in there ) of the art-world with Comics, fantasy art etc.

Here is book 16 on amazon, to give you an idea. Spectrum

Looks like I have two more books I will be doing with IDW aside from my creator own ( more on that later ) , and WHOA I wish I could say more on this, both books sounds amazing and I can not wait to tell everyone about them. One of them is with a very very very special writer ! Also working on a new cover today for one of IDW's best selling books, but again I cant say anything more, but keep your eye out for it.

Moving into a new studio !!! Yes ! This storefront building I have been in since last July I think has run it's course , and my new studio will be with in a quick walk from our house... NO MORE TRAIN TO THE STUDIO !!!! Just get up and take a short walk and boom I am working. Also will be able to go home to see the boy and wife for lunch a lot more which is something I am extremely excited about. Trust me I will inundate the webs with pics of the new place.

And ( as most of you know ) I have been given the green light to be able to publish a creator owned book with IDW, which should be out OCT this year, co-written by one of the best people I know Kasra Ghanbari. I am walking on the moon with this, everyone at IDW has been amazing with this so far, can not wait to release more info on this, I am in love with the story we have made and cant not wait to start working on the pages. We are currently working on a website which will be how we announce everything. We have some amazing news about some of my heros in comics doing variant covers as well as some internal story pages, writers and artist this list will amaze you trust me, it does every-time I think about it..

Here is a teaser , a conceptual sketch from the book for one of the characters.

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